Homeschool Attendance Tracker


Looking for an easy way to keep tabs on your homeschool attendance? Look no further! Our student attendance sheets, available in both colorful and classic black & white designs, are crafted with busy homeschool families in mind. With a Monday-start week and simple Y/N tracking, these sheets make managing your homeschool days a breeze. Whether you have one child or several, you can customize the sheets to suit your needs. Start your school year off right and keep attendance tracking as enjoyable as the learning journey itself!


Keeping track of your kiddos’ attendance can seem like a chore, but don’t you worry. I’ve got a nifty little system here to make your life a bit easier. Whether you have one child or a houseful, let’s get started!

Simply print out the attendance sheet you like best.  I have both colour and b&w pages to choose from.

If you’ve got more than one kiddo, you can track them all on one sheet. I once had all 4 boys on a single paper and used “AP” for All Present. Or you can print one copy for each child to track separately.

Feel free to make your own system. After all, you’re the boss of your classroom!

For more info on keeping homeschool records, check out How to Create Your Homeschool Portfolio for Record Keeping.